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New York, NY


16 consultants
New York, NY


Forster-Thomas offers top-notch educational consulting. We serve professionals from all over the globe, helping them obtain admission to elite academic institutions, or secure positions at top institutions and companies. We provide services for clients seeking Career Counseling, or hoping to be admitted into undergraduate, JD, MD, MFA, MBA, Film School, Education and more. The Foster Thomas attitude makes us well-suited to provide our clients only the best. One canโ€™t claim to be a gourmet chef just because they can identify a tasty meal. In the same way, someone in HR or an admissions professional may know a great candidate when they see one, but this may not translate into their ability to produce a top-notch cover letter, resume, or application. The Foster-Thomas team is composed of experienced professionals from top institutions. Since we are seasoned editors, coaches, journalists, storytellers, and screenwriters, we are uniquely well-equipped to obtain the latest, most relevant insights from MBA admissions professionals from elite programs. This grants us a strategic understanding of what they are hoping to see in their applicants. Our strategy ensures that an otherwise cumbersome process is manageable and streamlined. After all is said and done, you are the one who writes your cover letter or essay, so prepare for introspection and hard work, accompanied by our support and guidance.

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