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Las Vegas, Nevada


6 consultants
Las Vegas, Nevada


The Amerasia Consulting Group is a boutique admissions consultancy dedicated to our clients - high-potential applicants applying to elite MBA programs worldwide. Since our founding, we have focused on building a distinguished firm, guided by enduring principles and focused on the reason we exist โ€“ our exceptional clients. It is these values that guide our mission of excellence; embodying professional excellence while delivering exemplary results for our clients and our stakeholders. We are unlike others in the admissions consulting or coaching industry; we partner with our clients bringing our expertise to create common purpose, emotional engagement, a long-term view of success. We not only view our role as critical to our clientโ€™s application and career goals today, but also their personal sense of fulfillment tomorrow. Our services are one-on-one and we require that each of our consultants only work with a limited number of clients per admission round. Typically, our approach is especially relevant to finance, technology and management consulting professionals who need someone to help pull them through the admissions process; understanding the professional challenges that come with these industries.

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