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To keep your information & privacy safe, admitbrain login is provided by LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?admitbrain users come from all over the world, and our research suggests that LinkedIn is among the most widely available of the so-called 'social login services.'
Will my connections see my activity?No. That'd be creepy. Further, even if we wanted to publish your activity to your feed like a 2009 Facebook app (we don't), LinkedIn simply doesn't allow this without explicit user consent.
What data of mine will you see?
The data we see is actually less than what a random person would see looking at your LinkedIn profile: current job, 'headline,' name, photo, and a few other high-level details. You can read more about the data LinkedIn provides here.
Will you sell my data?Nope. Your personal details & contact info aren't for sale, and we don't share them with anyone. We may use aggregate statistics (like 'total page hits') to market to advertisers or investors, but these numbers can't be connected to any one user's activity.